Copa America 2024 Stadiums and Venues List

Copa America 2024 Stadiums and Venues

Get ready to witness the grandeur of Copa America 2024 as we unveil the list of stadiums that will host this prestigious football tournament. The Copa America 2024 stadiums are not just arenas; they are the battlegrounds where football history will be written. In this blog post, we will take you on a virtual tour of the venues that will set the stage for intense matches, breathtaking goals, and unforgettable moments. Let’s explore the Copa America 2024 stadiums and discover the remarkable locations where the world’s top football teams will compete for glory.

The Copa América 2024 is set to be held in the United States from June 20 to July 14, 2024. This will be the 47th edition of the Copa América, one of the oldest and most prestigious international football tournaments in the world. The tournament will feature 16 teams – 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF.

As hosts, the United States will have the opportunity to showcase world-class stadiums and venues to fans from all over the world. Even though the official list of stadiums and venues has not been announced yet by the organizers, we can make some educated guesses based on past tournaments.

Potential Copa America 2024 Stadiums and Venues

When the United States last hosted the Copa América in 2016, 10 stadiums in major cities across the country were selected as venues. Most of these stadiums have a capacity of 50,000 or more and have experience hosting major sporting events. Many of them are also being considered as host venues for the 2026 FIFA World Cup which will be co-hosted by the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Copa América 2024 Venues

The following cities will be used for the 2024 Copa América:

  • Arlington, Texas
  • East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Houston, Texas
  • Inglewood, California
  • Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California
  • Lumen Field, Seattle, Washington
  • MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pasadena, California
  • Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California
  • Santa Clara, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California
  • Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

Given the success of the 2016 edition, it is highly likely that most, if not all, of these stadiums will be chosen again when the tournament returns in 2024:

1. Rose Bowl, Pasadena

The iconic Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California seems certain to host matches in 2024. With a seating capacity of over 90,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in the United States. The final of the 2016 Copa América was held here. The Rose Bowl is no stranger to big events, having hosted five Super Bowls, the 1994 FIFA World Cup final, and many other major sporting and music events. Its location in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is also attractive.

2. Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara

Home of the San Francisco 49ers, Levi’s Stadium hosted the Copa América Centenario semi-final in 2016. Located in Silicon Valley, it has a capacity of over 68,000. State-of-the-art facilities and its experience hosting Super Bowl 50 make it well-equipped to host major tournaments. It is slated to hold World Cup matches in 2026 as well.

3. AT&T Stadium, Arlington

With a capacity for 80,000 spectators, the home of the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Copa América semi-final in 2016. Its retractable roof, huge video screens and modern amenities provide an excellent experience for fans. Arlington is part of the Dallas metropolitan area. As a proposed 2026 World Cup venue, AT&T Stadium seems likely for 2024.

4. NRG Stadium, Houston

This 72,000-seat stadium hosted group stage matches in 2016 and is another proposed World Cup 2026 site. Home of the Houston Texans, it has hosted Super Bowl LI in 2017. The city of Houston and the stadium’s facilities make it a strong contender for 2024 as well.

5. MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Located in East Rutherford, New Jersey just outside New York City, MetLife Stadium boasts a capacity of over 80,000. It hosted the Copa América Centenario Final in 2016. Having staged WrestleMania and Super Bowl XLVIII, this venue has lots of experience with major events. Its location near New York is a big plus point as well for visitor access.

6. Soldier Field, Chicago

Historic Soldier Field in Chicago hosted group stage matches in 2016 and seems likely to be picked again. Home of the Chicago Bears, it can hold over 60,000 spectators. Soldier Field has hosted World Cup matches in 1994. Its downtown location is ideal for visitors.

7. Camping World Stadium, Orlando

Formerly known as the Citrus Bowl, this stadium in Orlando has a capacity of over 60,000. It held group stage matches in 2016. Located in the tourism capital Orlando, the stadium seems well-placed to host again in 2024.

8. Gillette Stadium, Foxborough

Home of the New England Patriots, Gillette can accommodate 65,000 fans. Foxborough hosted group stage matches in 2016. The Boston suburb is conveniently located near major population centers in New England. Gillette is a strong contender for 2024 as well.

9. Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia

This is the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles with a capacity of 69,000. Lincoln Financial Field hosted group stage matches in 2016. Its location in Philadelphia, a major city on the East Coast, is advantageous. It is lined up to be a World Cup 2026 venue too.

10. CenturyLink Field, Seattle

The home of the Seattle Seahawks hosted group games in 2016. Now known as Lumen Field following a naming rights change, it can hold 69,000 spectators. Its downtown Seattle location and status as a proposed World Cup site for 2026 make it probable for 2024 as well.

In addition to these venues used in 2016, other modern large stadiums like Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas), Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta), and SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles) could potentially be in the running too. The organizers may also select a couple of smaller 40,000+ capacity stadiums to spread the tournament geographically.

Ultimately, around 8-12 venues are likely to be chosen for the 2024 Copa America across a range of major cities and metropolitan areas in the US. The selected stadiums will need to have excellent facilities, infrastructure, accommodation and transport options for teams and fans.

What to Expect from Copa America 2024 Stadiums

The stadiums selected to host Copa America 2024 matches will need to meet exacting standards to stage an event of such prestige and global interest.

Based on requirements for past tournaments, all venues will need to have:

  • Seating capacity of at least 40,000 and preferably 50,000+
  • Modern amenities like luxury boxes and club seating
  • Extensive media and broadcast facilities such as media centers and camera positions
  • High-quality locker rooms and training facilities for teams
  • Adherence to safety and security protocols
  • Capability to install temporary grass pitches over existing artificial turf
  • Floodlighting for night matches
  • Accessibility for spectators with disabilities
  • Nearby accommodation for teams and fans
  • Connectivity to an international airport

Additionally, most of the stadiums will offer state-of-the-art scoreboards, video screens, and sound systems to enhance the spectator experience. Given the summer timing of the tournament, air conditioning and cooling systems will be essential as well.

With many of the potential venues being NFL and MLS stadiums, they are designed to host top-level sports. The stadiums will provide excellent playing surfaces, top-notch amenities, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago, and San Francisco can offer teams and fans alike a wide choice of hotels, dining, and leisure options. The selected stadiums will be easily accessible via public transport like trains and shuttle buses.

Copa America 2024 Host Cities

The following are the host cities for the 2024 Copa América:

  • Arlington, Texas
  • East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Houston, Texas
  • Inglewood, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pasadena, California
  • Santa Clara, California
  • Seattle, Washington

These cities were selected by CONMEBOL and CONCACAF based on a number of factors, including the quality of their stadiums, their transportation infrastructure, and their ability to accommodate the large number of fans that are expected to attend the tournament.

The 2024 Copa América will be the first time that the tournament has been held outside of South America. This is a major coup for the United States, and it is a testament to the country’s growing popularity as a destination for major sporting events. The tournament is sure to be a huge success, and it will provide a great opportunity for fans in the United States to see some of the best football players in the world.

Benefits of Hosting Copa America 2024

Hosting a major tournament like the Copa América provides substantial economic and reputational benefits for the host country and cities. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Projected revenue of $200-300 million for the local organizing committee from ticket sales, sponsorships, licensing, concessions, and other streams
  • Increased tourism revenue from visiting fans staying in hotels, dining out, shopping and visiting attractions
  • Enhanced international profile and exposure for the host cities and stadiums
  • Opportunity to showcase domestic league and soccer culture to the world
  • Direct and indirect creation of thousands of jobs
  • Boost local infrastructure from upgrades to transit, telecoms, public spaces, etc.
  • Valuable experience and preparedness for hosting the 2026 World Cup
  • Civic pride and community bonding through fan festivals and public viewing events

By using existing modern stadiums, costs are contained while showcasing world-class infrastructure. Efficient organization and delivery of the tournament will build credibility for future bids to host the World Cup.


In which cities will the 2024 Copa América be held?

The 2024 Copa América will be held in the following cities:
1. Arlington, Texas
2. East Rutherford, New Jersey
3. Foxborough, Massachusetts
4. Houston, Texas
5. Inglewood, California
6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7. Pasadena, California
8. Santa Clara, California
9. Seattle, Washington

Where can I buy tickets for the 2024 Copa América?

Tickets for the 2024 Copa América will go on sale in early 2024. You can purchase tickets through the official Copa América website or through one of the tournament’s official ticket partners.

What is the best way to get to the Copa América stadiums?

The best way to get to the Copa América stadiums will vary depending on the stadium and your location. However, most of the stadiums are located in major metropolitan areas with good public transportation systems. You can also take a taxi or ride-sharing service to the stadium.

What are some of the things I can do in the host cities outside of going to the Copa América matches?

All of the host cities for the 2024 Copa América are popular tourist destinations with a lot to offer visitors. Some of the things you can do in the host cities outside of going to the Copa América matches include:
1. Visiting museums and historical sites
2. Shopping
3. Dining at world-class restaurants
4. Attending other sporting events
5. Seeing concerts and other live performances

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