Copa América 2024 Tickets: Secure Your Seats for the Biggest Football Tournament

Copa América 2024 Tickets

Copa América 2024 Tickets: The 2024 Copa América will be the 48th edition of the quadrennial international men’s association football championship organized by South America’s football ruling body CONMEBOL and co-organized by the North American, Central American and Caribbean Football Confederation (CONCACAF). It will be held in the United States from June 20 to July 14, 2024, with 16 teams participating, including 10 CONMEBOL teams and 6 CONCACAF teams.

The tournament will be the second time the United States hosts the Copa América, having previously hosted the Copa América Centenario in 2016. Argentina are the defending champions, having won the 2021 tournament.

With world-class talent like Neymar, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, James Rodriguez, and rising young stars expected to be on display, Copa América 2024 is sure to attract huge crowds. Demand for tickets is expected to far outstrip supply, so getting your hands on Copa América 2024 tickets will require some strategic planning.

Here is a guide on how to get your tickets for the Copa América 2024 and make sure you don’t miss out on the football action:

When Do Copa América 2024 Tickets Go on Sale?

Ticket sales for Copa América 2024 will be divided into three phases:

Phase 1 Exclusive presale for Visa cardholders: This presale usually begins 6-8 months before the tournament starts. Visa is a major sponsor of the Copa América so Visa cardholders get first access to purchase tickets.

Phase 2Public sale #1: The first phase of public ticket sales normally begins 3-4 months before the tournament. This is when tickets are made available on the official Copa América website. There will be another public sale if tickets do not sell out in the first phase.

Phase 3Last-minute sales: Any remaining tickets will go on sale just weeks or days leading up to the tournament. Limited quantities will be available at this stage.

It is highly recommended to buy during the Visa presale or the first public sale phase when ticket choices are the maximum. Waiting until the last minute risks missing out.

Where to Buy Copa América 2024 Tickets

You will be able to purchase Copa América 2024 tickets through the following channels:

Copa América 2024 Tickets

1. Official Copa América website

This will be the best place to buy tickets when they go on public sale. Make sure you register on the website in advance so you have an account ready when tickets go live.

2. Official ticket reseller – Viva Tickets

Viva Tickets is the authorized reseller for Copa América tickets. You can buy tickets on their website once sales begin.

3. Hospitality packages – MATCH Hospitality

MATCH Hospitality offers premium VIP hospitality packages that include match tickets along with 5-star accommodation, gourmet dining, open bars, and more. These luxury packages come at a steep price but offer an unforgettable experience.

4. Secondary ticket marketplaces

Websites like StubHub, VividSeats, and SeatGeek are secondary ticket marketplaces where resellers post Copa América tickets for sale, often at inflated prices. Use them cautiously closer to the tournament if you haven’t bought tickets yet.

5. Ticket packages from tour companies

Many Latin America tour companies like MATCH Hospitality, Events Travel, and Andean Tours offer Copa América ticket packages that include tickets bundled with hotels and other services. These can potentially save you time and hassle.

6. Official ticket box offices in host cities

When the Copa kicks off, limited quantities of tickets may be sold through ticket box offices in the host cities in Ecuador. But don’t count on getting inventory or choice seats this way.

Ticket Prices

As a benchmark, here are the prices for Copa América 2019 tickets in Brazil:

  • Group stage matches: $30 to $160
  • Quarterfinals: $40 to $260
  • Semifinals: $160 to $520
  • 3rd place match: $260 to $520
  • Final: $340 to $680

Copa América 2024 ticket prices are likely to be in the same range, if not higher given inflation over the next 2 years.

Demand and supply dynamics will also impact pricing. Knockout round matches featuring popular teams like Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico will likely be the highest priced.

Getting tickets for the prestigious semi-final and final matches will also be the toughest and require the earliest action.

Tips to Get Your Copa América 2024 Match Tickets

Here are some tips to help ensure you get your tickets for the matches you want at face-value prices:

  • Sign up for Visa presale access if you are a Visa cardholder to get the first shot
  • Register on the Copa América 2024 official website when ticket sales open to the public
  • Target group stage matches or quarter-finals initially as they are easier to get
  • Be flexible on specific teams or venues if chasing knockout rounds or final tickets
  • Act quickly when tickets go on sale to get the best selection of available seats
  • Set up alerts for tickets on secondary market sites closer to the tournament
  • Compare prices across multiple safe ticket platforms, official and resale
  • Avoid buying from unofficial ticket scalpers to steer clear of fraud
  • Use a secure payment method like a credit card when purchasing tickets
  • Confirm your tickets carefully to ensure they are valid and correct before paying

By following these tips and taking action early, you will maximize your chances of securing those coveted and elusive Copa América 2024 tickets for a reasonable price. It will take some effort, but the rewards of attending this once-in-4-years spectacle of South American football will make it all worthwhile. So get ready to cheer on your favorite team in Ecuador at the Copa América 2024!


The Copa América 2024 promises to be an electrifying tournament, featuring some of the best players and teams that South American football has to offer. Ticket demand will be unprecedented given it has been 28 years since Ecuador last hosted the event.

By planning and understanding the ticket purchase process and timeline, you can stay on top and get your tickets secured when they become available. Keep the tips above in mind, bookmark key dates, register early and you will be on your way to enjoying the fabulous football fiesta that is the Copa!

FAQs on getting Copa America 2024 tickets

When will Copa America 2024 tickets go on sale?

Presales will likely start in late 2023 or early 2024. Public sales will be in the months leading up to the tournament in June 2024.

Where can I buy the cheapest Copa America 2024 tickets?

The first public ticket sales usually have the cheapest ticket prices and the most inventory. Buying directly from official sources will yield better prices than secondary resellers.

How much will tickets roughly cost for Copa America 2024?

While final prices are not out yet, as per 2019 Copa prices, group stage tickets could range from $30-$160. Knockout and final tickets will likely range from $160 to $680+.

What is the best way to buy Copa America 2024 final tickets?

Target final tickets in the first public sale phase for best rates. Have multiple devices ready to join the queue when sales open to maximize your chances.

Where will Copa America 2024 matches be played?

The Copa América 2024 will be held in cities across Ecuador like Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca. The opening match and final will be in Quito.

How can I safely buy Copa America tickets from resale sites?

Carefully vet the resale platform and seller ratings first. Pay via credit card for buyer protection. Confirm your tickets carefully before paying.

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